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Adopt a Painting


by John Bachman

John Bachman resided in Charleston, South Carolina. He was a naturalist, pastor, and one of Audubon’s best friends. Bachman assisted Audubon and Audubon’s son, John Woodhouse, on The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America publication, a project to document all mammals in America.

Cost: $1,200

Pine Creeping Warbler

by Joseph Kidd

Joseph Kidd was a young, upstart Scottish artist hired by Audubon to reproduce all of his watercolor paintings in oil. Kidd replicated 100 Audubon images to raise money for Audubon’s Birds of America project.

Cost: $700

Natawista Culbertson

by John James Audubon

Natawista Culbertson, an Indian princess, hosted Audubon and his son during their stay at Fort Union. This painting is believed to be one of Audubon’s last oil portraits. Audubon began to lose his eyesight shortly thereafter and could no longer paint.

Cost: $1,200