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Friends of Audubon is a non-profit organization established to enhance the public’s enjoyment and understanding of the natural wonders of John James Audubon Park and the artistic and cultural treasures housed in the museum. There is a constant need for money to maintain the works of art, to ensure they are properly displayed and cared for, and to develop and produce programs and exhibits in the Nature Center. Your gift to the Friends of John James Audubon goes directly to the betterment of the Museum, the Nature Center and the park.

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FOA Membership

Please make checks payable to:
Friends of Audubon

Submit to:
FOA – John James Audubon State Park
P.O. Box 576
Henderson, KY 42419

Membership Levels
  • Hummingbird: $25
  • Bluebird: $50
  • Cardinal: $100
  • Starling: $150
  • Hawk: $250
  • Owl: 500
  • Pelican: $1,000