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Audubon Wetlands

The Audubon Wetlands is 649 acres of land that have been acquired for our park. In 2011, the Audubon Wetlands Group- Robbie Williams, Scott Keach, Houston Keach, Will Esche, C. Tom Dempewolf, and Tommy Dempewolf- purchased the land at auction for $1.75 million to secure the land for our park. Since the state could not buy the land, the Friends of Audubon stepped in as placeholders for this land, knowing that acquiring this land had been a long-term wish.

Even though the land is now in our possession, there is still much work to be done before it can be opened to the public. Park Manager, Mark Kellen, said, “We’re going to work as quickly as possible to get it open to the public."

Friends of Audubon President, Leslie Newman said that the trails in the Audubon Wetlands “will be one of the only places in the entire Midwest where visitors with limited mobility can have the opportunity to get out on a trail."

Robbie Williams said that his vision is to connect the boardwalk with trails that would hopefully connect with another boardwalk overlooking the cypress slough on the other side.

Roughly 2/3rds of the property will be protected as a Wetlands Reserve through the Natural Resources Conservation Service.