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Museum Galleries Closed on October 14th, 2021

On Thursday, October 14th, 2021, the Audubon Museum will temporarily close the museum galleries and the lower-level ...
11 10, 2021

Object of the Week: Goblet

Robert Havell, Jr. (owned)French-American, 1793-1878Goblet, 1833SilverHavell Family Collection, JJA.1999.19.1 This is a silver goblet with a gold-washed ...
12 10, 2021

Object of the Week: Decorative Audubon Plate

Alfred Meakin (Tunstall) Ltd, 1875-1976Decorative Plate, circa 1950PorcelainRobert and Sue Frost Collection, JJA.1999.152 This is an antique ...
19 10, 2021

Object of the Week: Brooch

Lucy Bakewell Audubon (owned) British-American, 1787-1874 Brooch, circa 1850Human hair, goldL.S. Tyler Collection, JJA.1938.1204 This is a ...
25 10, 2021

Object of the Week: Wax Seal Fob

John James Audubon (owned), 1785-1851Wax Seal Fob, 1826Gold, carnelianL.S. Tyler Collection, JJA.1938.1199 This is a wax seal ...
02 11, 2021

Object of the Week: Lithograph

John Woodhouse Audubon (artist), 1812-1862Cat Stalking Bird on Bough, 1851Ink, paperL.S. Tyler Collection, JJA.1938.1255 This is a ...
08 11, 2021

Object of the Week: Mug

Bybee Pottery, 1809-2011Mug, circa 1990ClayBenny Junker Collection, JJA.2016.3.2 This is a stoneware mug made by Bybee Pottery ...
16 11, 2021

Object of the Week: Engraving

Alexander Wilson (artist), 1766-1813William Home Lizars (engraver), 1788-1859Passenger Pigeon, Blue-mountain Warbler, Hemlock Warbler, 1832Paper, ink, watercolorEd Kenney Collection, JJA.2019.3.24 ...
23 11, 2021